Re: Rotating pier adapter #Polar_Alignment

Steven Panish

I may have missed what you have for a pier, but I have the RPA installed on a 10" schedule 20 pipe.   The RPA and other 10" adapters are held to a pier with 6 screws, which go through the pier pipe.  (Mine is a bit more complex but that's how the RPA is meant to be attached).  There are mechanical drawings on the AP website.  If you look at the 10" portable piers you can see how the holes are done.  This would allow you to rotate the RPA in 60 deg increments, not quite enough to get the 14 degree fine adjustment in the correct range.  

You could also buy one of the 10" portable piers which would likely work well if the trailer is big enough.   Very nice product and you can rotate as desired.  (I have an extra if you are interested).  


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