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You might try looking on eBay. I accumulated a pretty good collection of machine tooling from eBay over the years. This was back when they did real auctions and not the "buy it now" system that they have gone to.

In most cases, the old American made tooling is far far better than anything on the market today. Rotary tables have a crank wheel that turns a worm gear to rotate the table. The good ones have a 90:1 ratio (90 turns of the crank to achieve 360 degrees rotation) with a properly graduated crank wheel these rotary tables are accurate to within a few arc minutes.

Palmgren used to make some really nice rotary tables. They used to be made in the US, but like everyone else they moved their manufacturing to China. The quality has suffered because of it.
Another good brand is Troyke. They are considered the Cadillac of rotary tables. As far as I know they still make a 9-inch rotary table here in the US, but you will pay dearly for a new one. Every once in a while you can find a used one on eBay for a pretty decent price.

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