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Aside from astronomy I am also a hobby machinist.  Years ago I helped a fellow that built an observatory in a surplus ambulance.  He had the same problem.  What I suggested to him and he did implement was to get an 8” or 10” machinists Horizontal rotary table.  They rotate 360 degrees and lock down solidly enough to overcome the forces produced by the cutting action of a milling machine cutter.  Extremely rigid.


That may be an option for you.  I would stay away from the Chinese made.  Go with Japanese, Taiwanese, or eastern Europe.




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I'm thinking of placing an AP1600/1100 in my portable observatory trailer.  Since it moves around field to field; it can't be parked precisely so that the pier is facing North for Polar Alignment.  Does the RPA allow the base of the mount to be "swiveled" 360 degrees and then locked down?

I've had several in the past but can't remember if this is a feature of the RPA or if it just moves a short distance.

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