Re: Mach2 Shipping?




Yes, it will be able to be run by using just the V2 driver and third party software.   We will release the required V2 update at that time.  






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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Mach2 Shipping?


Since the Mach2 has not shipped as of yet, this question is more for Rolando or anyone at AP. I do not plan to use the Mach2 in an observatory, just occasionally at home and in the field. On the website in the “What’s Included” it shows that the APCC-Pro is included with the mount. Dose the GTOCP5 require APCC-Pro to run, or can it run with just the V2 driver. I have noticed that even the current V2 v5.20.09 driver dose not show a GTOCP5 option for a mount controller.



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