Re: 1) Starting with CW up; 2) Slewing to a target, landing CW up



Do you have APCC...either Standard or Pro?  You can change the meridian limits in either to move the point of flip east or west as needed.  Typically, we want to start CW up with the scope pointed east but avoid flip entirely.  The process is:

Start APCC. Connect your equipment.
Select Meridian tab
Set the meridian Delay to a POSITIVE value such that the Delay is farther EAST than the target object.  You can see the effect on the globe in the Telescope section of this tab.
Slew to your target
The scope should end up CW up and never execute a flip even when the object sets in the west.

Ray, A-P folks, please clarify this if I am unclear.  I do not know if starting CW up is possible without APCC.



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