1) Starting with CW up; 2) Slewing to a target, landing CW up

Richard Spencer


AP 1100 mount:

It's often useful to start an imaging run with CW up to avoid an eventual meridian flip.  Currently, to do that, I slew to the target with the usual default of landing there with CW down, and then do a meridian flip, re-center, and start to image.  

1) But is there a way to tell the mount that I would like it to point to my target in the CW up position?  This would streamline things quite a bit.

2) Related: Once I'm near my object with CW up, I may want to slew to a nearby object to e.g. re-synch.  The mount again does this according to its default, landing there with CW down--which is not helpful.  So, a short slew of a couple degrees completely reverses the mount, and is also not what I want--I want to re-synch with CW up.  

2 1/2)  Essentially same at 2):  Likewise, I'd like to slew initially to a star near my target, landing there with CW up, synch, and then slew to the target, keeping CW up.  I can't figure out how to do that; the mount always wants to land CW down when slewing.

There are two ways the AP1100 can point to an object, and it seems that there should be a simple way to tell the mount that I want to choose the one with CW up.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,
Rick Spencer
Elkton, MD

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