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Mike Shade

I am having a bit of a problem with my insurance company.  Like many I have a few telescopes, mounts, and associated equipment.  I was told that the equipment was covered under the "personal property" section of my policy and I increased my coverage a year ago to cover the estimated value.  My wife offered recently that I double check to make sure since the equipment is in an observatory on the property.


My insurance company agent is not helpful.  They are wanting appraisals, receipts, pictures, descriptions, maybe an inspection and possibly security measures for the observatory.  I asked who would be able to appraise said equipment.  Silence.  I know what some of the current cost is for some of it as it is still being produced.  However, some of it is no longer being produced (like my 1200GTO mount).  As I have been doing this for 45 years, I have a pretty good idea as to value.  I also offered that some was purchased private party, no receipts or they are long gone, or it was say 12 years ago.  They are not helping to solve a problem they created and I am getting somewhat frustrated.


So, how do people insure equipment?  I don't need to know who has what or the value, just how is specific equipment covered.


Thanks for any useful information.


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