Re: APPM 'BAD X SCALE' Error and Appropriate Troubleshooting?

Peter Bresler

I had exactly the same experience with APPM, and actually to date have not been successful in generating a point model. My plate solves in SGP, fortunately, usually work or I would not be able to find anything with my Celestron Edge HD 1100 with the focal reducer, which has a narrow FOV. Using the Hyperstar, with a wide FOV, APPC is sufficiently accurate, but it by itself is not at the high focal length. 

I originally entered 0.5 as the scale in the camera settings in SGP, but after doing plate solves it appears as 4.1. The focal length for the scope with the 0.7 focal reducer is 2030mm and the pixel size for my ZWO 294MC Pro camera is 4.7.. What scale setting should I be entering in APPM, and where do you enter it?

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