Re: Upgrade to new keypad version (was RE: [ap-gto] Unguided imaging with Mach2) #Keypad


I downloaded trial versions of APCC-Pro and PinPoint from DC3.  In the process of testing these, it appears that PinPoint can only use FIT files for plate solving.  As I image mostly with a DSLR, this presents a barrier, since APPM links to PinPoint in order to build a sky-model.

While I can convert the Raw images to FIT manually, this obviously negates the advantages of automatic mapping.

Have I missed something?  Is PinPoint (and therefore APPM) capable of reading Raw or even JPG files?

Before I go through the process of downloading, installing, and tinkering with SGP, does it allow the use of DSLR Raw or JPG files for PlateSolve2?  SGP can capture images from a DSLR, but I cannot tell if it can use Raw images for PlateSolve2.

I use AstroTortilla now for platesolving vias ANSVR.  Is it possible for APPM to connect directly to ANSVR? rather than go through PinPpoint or PlateSolve2?




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