Re: Off Topic - repetitive TeamViewer Screw-ups

Joe Zeglinski

    I tried replacing TeamViewer with TightVNC, but didn’t want to mess with the target site router’s settings, every time I added someone that I help.
    Also, presently trying ANYDESK as a TV replacement – but the major problem there is that there is no way to limit communications,  just to the local WiFi wireless LAN. It requires sending screen data all the way to Germany and back, just to talk to my BACKYARD telescope laptop.
TeamViewer has the handy option to accept connections exclusively (or in addition) to the local WiFi.
    Wish ANYDESK had this option, since I don’t want to degrade screen speed going all the way across the planet, and relying on all the internet conection problems, and signal drop-outs,  just to watch my mouse cursor move ! Local WiFi connection is far more reliable.
    Is there any other (free license), remote desktop program, that provides a local WiFi connection to the telescope, as TV does?

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