Re: Off Topic - repetitive TeamViewer Screw-ups

Joe Zeglinski

    I am moving away from TeamViewer due to all the problems with their Free non-commercial use screw-ups.
Probably going to replace it with “ANYDESK”, which as has been recently reported, seems to be pretty good, though I hope it won’t be  as trigger happy as TV is when they make a mistake.
    However, there are so many alternative REMOTE CONTROL programs, that I am concerned about how we can most easily provide Login Support assistance   for AP Tech Support to check into a mount or APCC problem. I have used the free version TeamViewer with Howard, in the past, but is there a “preferred/suggested” remote access program which AP uses? Does AP Upload something else similar to TeamViewer to a customer, when needed? Of course, in such case,  TV may already have triggered a lockout on the problem PC site in the past and may not accept reactivation for a debug session.
    Perhaps we should agree to have an “AP-preferred” free-licensed program (TightVNC, ANYDESK, etc.) to make debugging easier for both parties. Otherwise, our friends at AP would have to own several commercial licenses for too many competing remote login apps.
    Just wondering. as I check out and probably move on to ANYDESK, (or another similar, hassle-free  app).
Since this topic comes up fairly often, perhaps there should be a POLL kept on the group IO site,  on the best suited telescope remote access  program, and a feature comparison chart based on AP-user experiences,
Joe Z.

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