Re: Unguided imaging with Mach2

Allen Ruckle

     This may interest you.  it and the next email are a demonstration of using modeling with the Mach2.   

can you model with your AP 1100?

Allen Ruckle

On Dec 27, 2019, at 3:40 PM, uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> via Groups.Io <chris1011@...> wrote:

Hello Astro geeks,

I had a window of opportunity to image just before Christmas with reasonable temps where i wasn't freezing my fingertips.
I did a better polar alignment and ran a very quick model with just 3 points. One was on a star near NGC7331 and the other two points were on either side about 1 hour apart. The object was 3 hours past the meridian in the West, so with no guiding and no model there was some drifting in both Ra and Dec (Dec is up in the image). The first picture shows closeup of the center and you can see the egg shape after a 5 min exposure (no guide, no model):

To be continued


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