Mach1 - remove/reinstall motor

Pierre Henrotay


I have Mach1 mount, bought end 2007. So the earliest model.
I am thinking of regreasing the mount and look at the various documents available.

One of these is named

Removing and Re-installing the Motor / Gearbox on your Mach1GTO (07-30-08) - PDF Document - For all Mach1GTO mounts produced prior to July 2014 (serial # M10670)..

and can be found here

The document refers to RIGHT and LEFT bolts but I am not 100 % sure of which is which.
The text says: "the bolt near the reduction gearbox" as being RIGHT
but also "the one that would have been closest to the cable connection"
If this last sentence refers to the DIN (?) connector, this seems to be contradicting.
Can someone clarify please ?

Regards to all,

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