Re: Cannot Seem to Keep the Same Virtual Ports

Joe Zeglinski

    Visit the FTDI website, the company who makes the serial/USB adapter chips for various adapter brands. There is a Windows utility that you can use to re-assign FTDI serial ports addresses to whatever number you need. Very handy.
FTDI Com Port Assignment:
    Easiest way to assign – or reassign - an FTDI serial COM port address  to whatever port number you need it to be, or see what ports are already assigned, without messing with Device Manager, etc.
    Also, handy – a Win-XP & Win-8/10  Com Port Monitor  desktop “ GADGET” utility.
    I use both, very handy. Even though GADGETS are no longer (officially) supported in Win-10, this one works, if you install Microsoft’s GADGET conversion fix, which you might be offered as a warning/pop-up. No problem.
    However, if your adapter uses a PROLIFIC chip instead, sorry, my sympathies with that choice.
Joe Z.

From: Jerome A Yesavage
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2019 12:03 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Cannot Seem to Keep the Same Virtual Ports

I have a Mach1 with the latest APCC.  The mount is on Comm 5 via USB and George had me set up two virtual Ports at 21 and 22.  I am using ACP and the virtual ports do not connect automatically.  It appears I have lost them and I now have Comm 6 and 7.  The Mount connects to the USB Port, but the AP Virtual drivers do not, automatically or manually.  I tried to delete the virtual ports and that does not work either. 

Any suggestions on this as nobody is in the office for a couple days, just had to rebuild the system....

Happy New Year,


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