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It is evident from the posts here and elsewhere, TV is moving away from Free to 100% pay.  

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From: Barry Megdal <bmegdal@...>
Date: 12/23/19 12:37 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Off Topic - repetitive TeamViewer Screw-ups

I got accused of commercial use once, but even after sending TeamViewer my signed document stating only personal use, I got cut off last week only a month later.


I need access to an observatory that is far away, not just in my yard.  Looking at online reviews, I saw that AnyDesk was written by some  of the same people as TeamViewer, and was optimized for speed, clarity, etc.


It is free to use, but about $100 a year if you want to use some of its nice features (like the address book).


I wanted to try it, but TeamViewer only gave me 20 second sessions before it disconnected me, so I had to practice installing AnyDesk on my home PC in small steps (with TeamViewer’s enforced re-login delay in between), in order to finally get it installed on the observatory PC.


Bottom line is that AnyDesk seems to work very nicely (at least as well as TeamViewer), and the price is either free or much more reasonable that TeamViewer’s $500/year.  I won’t be going back.


-        Barry


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