Re: Mach2 Update

Roland Christen

Yes, it will work with older mounts but requires the CP4 controller because that one has the memory capacity for this and other routines that we are aiming to add to the keypad.

Another routine that I tested last night was to compensate for the orthogonal error of a telescope so that when you flip sides the scope will point accurately. It's a simple routine that picks a star near the meridian and then flips the scope to the other side where you just have to center the star again and do a recal. This measures the ortho error and applies it for all future flips.

We also will have a couple of other neat routines in the keypad that people have been asking for. All of these will work with the Mach1, 1100, 1600 etc, but with CP4 controllers.


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Very cool. Roland, will this software be available for and help with older mounts too, like the Mach1, even without the encoders?

Thanks, Wayne 

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