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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Cheng,
   You probably weren’t cut off by TV, for simply “reading email” – BUT rather ... for reading email “on a corporate site”.
That sets off TV alarm bells! The Snooper program can quite easily examine the source and destination IP addresses, and fairly easily Ping to check that the remote site was NOT actually a private home, but rather was a business. Probably as easy as “SHARING your session” – just as TV already provides the average user, but TeamViewer’s AI  uses this itself as well -  then it probably uses the IP  that the AI finds to look-up a database,  if it is inside any kind of known (registered) company.
    Basic rule for using non-commercial TeamViewer license – do NOT login to YOUR company PC – since you are obviously a “company employee. working form home”. You are then fair game, just  acting as part of a business.
    In my case, I suspect it pinged the senior lady and probably found the condo tower’s, cable provider  own (in-building) remote server BOX,  and bingo – it sure looks like “a company”. Even a programmer not using AI, would come to the same human conclusion.  Of course, it is only my “conjecture”, that apartment buildings might be wired with a small server module, installed  by a major cable & internet provider, under contract. So, having been banned 3 times in 3 months, it is quite likely that the free non-commercial use of TeamViewer really only works in a SMALL, innocuous, residence that has only one cable service connection. If there are many more, then it “ sure looks like a business”.
    TeamViewer’s  AI Snooper is not so smart that it can’t “outwit itself”.
    I’ve done a few brief tests with TightVNC, in-house between two PC’s, and it looks almost as good as TeamViewer – having same options  such as remote file transfer, with none of the commercial use hassles. The next big test is to actually link with a remote user in that “condo tower”. Just a bit of trepidation right now about having to set up ( Gulp !!!),  remote PC firewalls, and ports etc.
Joe Z.

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Off Topic - repetitive TeamViewer Screw-ups
Hi guys,
   I dumped TeamViewer after their ridiculous snooping program accused me of being a commercial user. It turns out that reading email with TeamViewer violates their policy: See Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'
Commercial use applies to home office:
If you use TeamViewer for home office, it is commercial use – even if you just quickly connect to your work computer to check your emails. It does not depend on whether you register your TeamViewer Account with your personal or company email address.
So what's my solution? I use VNC which is *free*. I've checked out TightVNC, TigerVNC and UltraVNC servers on my Win10 computer. And I've found UltraVNC to be both fast and reliable.
To view my Win10 computer from my Mac, I use the RealVNC viewer which is also free. Mac has a built in VNC viewer as well, but I found RealVNC viewer to be better.
And if you want to use VNC remotely away from your home network, you can use ssh tunneling. Note: I did this years ago so no current advice from me. But the procedure is available through google.
On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 10:14:01 PM CST, Joe Zeglinski <j.zeglinski@...> wrote:
Hi Guys,
    Yet another warning about relying on running TeamViewer for “remote INTERNET access” for your AP-Mount telescope control – using their free, non-commercial license.
    An 82-year old friend, a senior lady I occasionally help out,  by using TeamViewer to remotely support her “Personal, non-commercial” PC use – got locked out again,  for the THIRD time -  since August. This latest reconnection, which took weeks to re-negotiate with that German company,  lasted only about 2 or 3 weeks.  She ran the program just a couple of times since then,  to check emails with her twin sister’s PC – before TeamViewer’s  customer “SPY PROGRAM” decided it might be used commercially.
    I wonder if the fact that she uses her PC   in a 30-story Condo-Tower residence,  makes the Snooper module think that it might be “Business Tower”. If it can snoop on the building’s  Internet trunk from her TV connection, then it could have found that there is just one other ISP and TV  serviced cable system (besides BELL), in that residential tower. So, it may seem like an “office tower” to the Spy module.
     Has anyone else here, who has also been locked out by TeamViewer’s shabby practice, also happen to connect via Internet login,  from a large multi-family high-rise residence, like hers? Maybe THAT is the hidden bug in TeamViewer.
    TeamViewer is reliable,  but can ONLY be trusted,  if logged into in-house, on a local WAN or LAN,  to control your backyard telescope’s  AP-mount, as I do. But, if you login with your TeamViewer Internet  ID account number, through their corporate server in Germany, you run the risk of getting cancelled without warning, and be without your telescope access for weeks. That can be disastrous if you need it for  photographing a certain target, or have  scheduled valuable vacation time. Luckily, so far for me, TeamViewer doesn’t seem to bother snooping on its use of communications limited to  inside the walls of a single family residence.
    Just a thought – and looking for another,  safer, free program, which is as easy to use via the Internet, but without such TeamViewer-like corporate  hassles.
Joe Z.

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