Re: PHD2 Guiding issue on AP1100

Ted Mickle

To avoid the potential Windows updates difficulties, how workable would be running APPC, the ASCOM drivers, SGP, PHD2, etc. on an Apple MacBook Pro running Parallels Desktop?


On Dec 9, 2019, at 11:59, Dean Jacobsen <deanjacobsen@...> wrote:

I do essentially the same thing.  I got everything running with the new laptop about 2 years ago - all of the drivers, ASCOM, AP ASCOM driver, Sequence generator Pro, PHD2, TheSkyX.  Since then I have been running this configuration without a single failure. 

If I get a new camera or my new Mach2 comes, then I will go ahead and update everything, get everything running and then run with that configuration as long as I can while not allowing the computer to update Windows.

I wish that Sequence Generator was available in a Linux version then I could dispense with Windows completely, but it is not.

Dean Jacobsen

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