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Robert Chozick <rchozick@...>

Thanks Don.  I see you applied more min filter to reduce the stars and darkened the background.  While it made the nebulosity jump more I look at a balance of highlighting the object and trying to make it still look natural in the sky.   I applied about 6 or 7 - 1 pixel min applications that I reduced each to 20 % to get the reduction of stars that I got.  I tried more and decided to stop where I did.   Every person has a very different philosophy of what they like.  I wish I had gotten more exposures for each panel but I am pleasantly surprised what I got with 2 hours each.   I really like the CMOS cameras sensitivity and think I want to try more mosaics.  They are so easy to stitch in Photoshop.  If I get some imaging time this winter i may try an Orion mosaic.


On Dec 7, 2019, at 10:14 PM, Don Anderson via Groups.Io <jockey_ca@...> wrote:

Hello Robert
I really like your mosaic. Well done. It's on my bucket list to do one day!
Like Mike, I took the libedrty of downloading and playing with your image in Photoshop. I tried posting the resulting image to my album in the group photos section but the image ended up looking quite blurry and washed out. Not sure what is doing with photos.
Attached is my version. Let me know what you think.

Don Anderson

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, 11:53:25 a.m. MST, Robert Chozick via Groups.Io <rchozick@...> wrote:

This is my first mosaic.  It is really hard to get the backgrounds the same. This was a lot work. This is with my new ZWO CMOS OSC camera.

Robert Chozick

<R Chozik VeilMosaic(Don A version).jpg>

Robert Chozick

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