PHD2 Guiding issue on AP1100

Bruce Donzanti

I have been guiding just fine on my AP1100 mount for a few months but the other night RA stopped responding.  I have been chatting with the folks on the PHD forum and they looked at my logs.  They are suspecting a bad USB cable.  I changed the cables on both the guide and image cameras which connect to a powered USB hub on top of my scope which then runs down the pier to my laptop.   I also changed that USB cable as well.  I then cleaned the RS232 cable from the CP4 box which also runs to my laptop.  To see if this was an issue, I removed it and tried the autoguider cable instead.  Anyway, I continue to have the same issue.  So, just asking if you have ever heard of this problem and if I am missing something else to try.


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