Re: Power Supply for Imaging at Remote Locations

Terri Zittritsch

Seems like a great option for power, but think I'll use my AGM battery until it dies before spending $500 on a battery.    I'm able to use my 55AH battery all night now, with an Atlas mount, camera, cooler, dew heaters, and it typically stays above 12.4V.   It's certainly a back breaker but we've bought one of those fold up wagons to deal with that for anything over a very short walk.    Based on what I understand about the Mach2, I should have similar power-draw performance while imaging.     Most of my imaging can take advantage of 120 so I'd have to have a much stronger need for light weight power, or a higher draw that might require a beefier battery.    My laptop, a thinkpad T460, with a beefy optional battery easily lasts all night while imaging.

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