Re: WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Howard Hedlund

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 06:01 PM, Donald Rudny wrote:
Is AP investigating this issue?
We are most certainly investigating this.  The problem we are having is a general inability to reproduce the issue.   George and I both have iPhones.  I also have an iPad Pro.  Liam has an Android phone as does our engineer.  All of us have Sky Safari (among other astro-software) on our devices.  We also all have laptops - both PC and Mac.  None of us can find a way to reliably reproduce the dropout issue here in house.

For my own setup, My iPhone will disconnect from the mount if left idle for a while, but it reconnects immediately every time without a hitch as soon as I wake it up.  Same with the iPad Pro.

Liam suggested that we might want to investigate changing the WiFi channel in use.  We have done that here and it neither created nor solved the issue, but we haven't had the issue to begin with.  I would love it if any of you who are experiencing this dropout issue might try changing the channel in the Advanced WiFi page of the GTOCP4's internal web page. (Factory default is Ch. 3.)  Remember that changes will require a power-cycle of the GTOCP4 to take effect.  Let us know what you find - good or bad.  

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