How to run Sky Safari on a Windows 10 PC

Robert Berta

COOL TIP ALERT:  I found that there is a free app called XePlayer (Google to find)  for Windows 10 PCs. It allows me to run any Android app flawlessly on a Win 10 PC. I use it to run Sky Safari Pro on my runs the mount via wireless (SkyFi)  with no issues other than I can't point the lap top at the sky to see what is there since the PC doesn't have a compass. The app creates a partition that is Android....just load any app from Play Store in it and runs great. All files are invisible to the PC file explorer. You need to also download a file viewer Android App from the PLAY STORE if you want to see those files. That free app was designed to run Android game apps on PCs but it works for any Android app. 
It is great that now I can run both imaging capture program and SkyFi from one computer instead of having to use a tablet or cell phone for the planetarium program and the image capture program (Maxim DL) from another laptop. 

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