Re: WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Robert Berta

I have both the original SkyFi and also the latest version 3. The difference is the original used AdHoc wireless which wasn't supported with most Android devices but Iphone/Ipad worked. The latest version no longer uses AdHoc wireless so works great with Android....and over longer distances also. I use with Sky Safari with both a Samsung 7s phone and a Samsung tablet both running Android.
I still wish AP could get their CP4 wireless to work correctly.  I added a 1100 CP4 to my 900 CP3 for my observatory in the Summer of 2016. The wireless capability was one of the main plus points for going that way but sadly hasn't worked out. 
As noted in one of the my posts above....I have tested the AP CP4 extensively with Howard's suggestions and it didn't cure the problem. Oh well........

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