Re: Precise Polar Alignment by Roland #Polar_Alignment


Polar aligning involves aligning Altitude and Azimuth
This procedure is for the Altitude part only.
Try to find 2 stars close to meridian and on the same side of meridian,
 one close to zenith
 one further south close to dec=0 would be ideal.
The star further south will be used for your polar alignment of azimuth axis which
 was explained in an earlier post with a link at bottom of this message.
With Keypad Goto a star close to Meridian and zenith
Center star on reticle
At Main Menu
Press RA/DEC/Rev button at bottom right
Press 9-Re-Calibrate
You should hear a beep telling you that
 you have Re-calibrated on the last Goto star
Setup a Goto meridian flip back to same star
Set meridian Delay
1E or 2E will cause a goto to flip to East side
1W or 2W will cause a goto to flip to West side
Watch out for a pier crash during flip if you pick a star too far to the North.
With Keypad Goto the same star.
Scope should have flipped to the other side and back to same star.
Don't worry about a E-W offset. ( that's probably an orthogonality error)
Don't worry about a E-W offset. We're aligning Altitude to polar align axis to the proper altitude.
Press NS keys and move star half way back to crosshair.
Adjust the altitude adjustment on mount to bring the star the remaining half way back and onto crosshair.
Always do this adjustment moving mount up.
If you have to go down. Go down too far and make final adjustment moving mount up.
Repeat above procedure starting at Center Star.
Repeat until you are happy with your polar altitude adjustment.
Don't forget to do your polar alignment azimuth alignment.
As always I may be wrong again.

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