Re: WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Robert Berta

I never run wireless DATA on my cell phone when using the mount and Sky Safari. But the problem persists. See my other response to Howard about my testing today. Unfortunately, that tip didn't work for me. Interesting that the SkiFi module is trouble free and a very robust connection for Sky Safari....but the AP keeps dropping the connection and even though the Android device is still connected to the AP mount....once disconnected I can't reconnect. These type of issues are above my pay grade. Heard that Sky Safari may assist AP in debugging the issue....that would be great if it works. I did hear a rumor that the wifi module component AP uses may be the issue as others have had issues with it. Hope that isn't the case as that might mean the problem is not curable without major surgery or replacement ;-( 
I would say that one of the major reasons for my upgrade from AP900 CP3 to AP1100 CP4 was the internal wireless. Oh well......At least the Sky Fi works great.

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