Re: WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Robert Berta

Took time today to do extensive testing on my GTO 1100 with CP4 for wireless connection using my Android tablet and also Android cell phone.

I normally have had to use my SkyFi wireless module to control the mounts using a serial connection from the SkyFi to the mounts (I have both a AP900 with CP3 and AP900 with CP4). All have been updated to very latest drivers for hand controller and CP boxes. The wireless connection is robust with the SkyFi and an easily disconnect and reconnect.

After seeing your post above requesting owners to give the tip a try, I left the antennae folded in its pocket and was about 25' away and through a glass door/wall. I was able to connect to the AP wireless easily and it did work for a while....but than reverted back to the same issue I have had all dropped the connection from the mount EVEN THOUGH the Android device was still connected to the AP wireless I couldn't reconnect with SkySafari PRO. With the same setup but when connected with SkyFi module it worked fine and never dropped the connection, was able to disconnect and than reconnect several times. It seems that the issue isn't a matter of strength of signal as I was always connected with Android to the AP wireless. It seems that there is something that makes the connection drop and than prevents from reconnecting. The only way I could reconnect (for a short time) was to reboot everything. But again it would drop the connection after a few minutes. 

So sad to report the idea of reducing the signal strength didn't pan out for me. Still love a solution though as I hate the idea of having to use an extra piece of equipment to do what was supposed to be done by the mount. I will say the new 1100 and CP4 is SO much better than the previous, I can overlook this one gripe....but sure wish it worked correctly ;-) 

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