Re: WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Robert Berta

I use Sky Safari PRO and SkyFi module latest version with both my AP 900 with CP3 and a AP 1100 with CP4. Both work flawlessly (unlike with AP built in wifi).  Confirm that you are connected to the SkiFi first with your Android device (I don't have an iphone or ipad so can't confirm how it is setup...but assume the same.

Once you are connected to the wireless via your Android device, you need to open Sky Safari and MENU and than SETUP. You need to have it show that the AP mount is mount and tht the check box for CONNECT VIA WIFI IS MARKED AND AUTO DETECT SHOULD BE CHECKED AND THE CORRECT sKYfI NAME YOU HAVE GIVEN TO YOUR MODULE OR THE DEFAULT NAME. FINALLY IT MUST SHOW PORT 4030 UNLESS YOU HAVE CHANGED THE PORT NUMBER. Note that the port for Sky Fi defauilt is different than that for AP built in WIFI which is port 30. If you check instructions for SkyFi you will find out how to use your web browser to connect to the SKY FI to change some options such as password, unit name, port, etc. 
The SkyFi unit is very robust on its wireless connection and can be run pretty long distances. I run about 35' and through a wall in my house to the mount. I was hoping that the tip Howard mentioned would solve the drop out issue on the AP mount but it didn't. I did extensive testing today and still drops signal and than can't reconnect without complete reboot, etc.
Hopefully this gets you running. If any issues you can write me privately.

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