Re: Power Supply for Imaging at Remote Locations


LiFePO4 is definitely the way to go for power on the go.  The power curve is way way more stable over time compared to an SLA battery.  With SLA, you’ll see a steady voltage drop over the night until you get below 12v at around 50% capacity of the battery.  With a LiFePO4 battery you’ll stay at almost full power for at least 90-95% of capacity until the battery just dies.  Way way better.  A 100Ah LiFePO4 essentially delivers the power of TWO 100Ah SLA batteries because it actually delivers 100Ah not half like an SLA.  And one LiFePO4 is about 26 lbs vs about 140 lbs for two SLA’s for the same power output.  And, they last for about 2000 charge cycles instead of a couple hundred like SLA’s.

I use one 100Ah one for running everything except my laptop.  Its a Bioenno 100Ah 12v from

Running my laptop off of this Maxoak battery, it’ll run for 6-8 hours and only use half of the battery’s power, while the laptop is still at 100% charge.  Works great and keeps the laptop separate from everything else.


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Thanks Joel. Good suggestion. I have heard about these batteries. Do you just use the one battery for all of your power; mount, camera, laptop, dew heaters, etc. ?

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