Re: Mach2 update?

Yves Laroche

Hi all,

The Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox v2 is costly but could be a great add-on for the Mach2 and other mounts.  Don't forget that this unit works at very low temp (-40C/-40F).  Another cheaper solution is to buy a power distribution (PD-4 or PD-8) from Powerwerx and the new USB Control Hub (-40C/-40F) also from Pegasus Astro.


Le 20/11/19 20:44, Jerome Allison <jallison@...> a écrit :
Thanks everyone for the pictures and info.  I was really puzzled by the early pictures which showed a blue box with a lot of I/O connectors, including power and USB, mounted on top.  The box had a bright blue "screen" that looked like it had power, but its cables seemed to disappear into the Dec axis.  I see now that the (unused at the time) PowerPole and USB connectors are at the rear end of the RA axis, as I thought they would be. :)  Plus, I discovered some interesting new hardware, the Pegasus Astro Power Box.

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