Re: DSV and Windows 2000

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

DSV will work find with Windows 2000, but durring install you will see some
messages about certain files that are already present on the windows 2000
machine. Accept the current file, ie: do not overwrite the file with what my
install is trying to do.

Afterwhich all will work fine. DSV only needs to have the 'program files'
reside on 'c' as my registry info works from there. I can create a fix for
anyone requiring the registry info to point to another drive for program
files other then 'c'

- DSV Labs...
- Charles Sinsofsky
Author: DigitalSky Voice
email: strfire@...

p.s. will the next BETA 3.x07 ever come out?? ...YES very soon. I am sorry
for the long delay, but I have been getting many requests for changes on
certain parts of the DSV 3.x and want to basicly only have one more beta
(hopefully) so I want to be absolutly sure about it ...before I release.
Should not be long now....hopefull ;-)

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