APCC for ISS Tracking


Hello All,

I am just getting started installing APCC and reading through the extensive documentation. Actually my initial (only) interest to use APCC for is to track ISS. Reading through the docs I am impressed / worried about all the other things that APCC does / 'takes over' and I am getting concerned if deploying APCC is the right decision.

Coming from an operating mode of mostly using the mount with hand controller in a setup on the patio and occasional use of the AP Ascom driver to connect autoguiding, is the use model of APCC going to 'undo' useful things that I have gotten used to in the past? Or introducing 'unnecessary' complications for my use model?

As I am continuing to read through the APCC docs there is the following on p. 51:
"Since APCC automatically sets the Auto-Park feature in the servo, the
mount will not start default sidereal tracking, even if it was not properly shut down at the end of the
previous session. The mount will quietly wait in place until it is initialized and unparked by APCC
with NO loss of pointing accuracy."

What does this mean for bringing up the mount when I have no laptop nearby and only want to use the handpaddle? Is it still functional? In prev. operation the mount just started running when I powered it up. How is that implemented now?

Thanks & Clear Skies,

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