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Have you looked at the Android APP “PolarFinder?”  I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but I use this APP with my Mach-1 with the RAPAS.  This APP has a setting for the A-P RAPAS.  Once set, you just look at the screen and place Polaris in your RAPAS where the dot shows it on the phone’s screen.  No thinking, no calculations.  Just put Polaris in the same place as the dot is on the screen.  The RAPAS reticle engravings are the same.  This APP also has settings for some Takahashi and iOptron PA scopes.




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Thank you so much Marj,


This is really useful.


I didn’t find though an Astro-Physics Polar Alignment App for my Android smartphone as advertised p18.  When doing visual without a computer I usually search for Polaris in the hand controller and compute from Polaris RA and LST it’s hour angle, but an app would be faster.


Clear skies


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I just added a link in our Wiki to a very useful document prepared by George and Howard: Astro-Physics GTO Workflow Guide

This document compiles several examples of workflow strategies to get you started if you are controlling your mount with your PC, MAC or mobile devices. If you are new to AP mounts or mounts in general, we encourage you to begin with your most basic mount control programs and only add camera control, guiding, or observatory control programs one at a time as you become proficient with each one. Only then, will you understand how they all work together. At that point, you may develop a more individual workflow based on the software that you are using and their requirements.

We hope that you find this useful.
Marj Christen

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