Re: Mean Well power supply question - closing the loop

Mike Dodd

On 11/9/2019 3:16 PM, Mike C wrote:
I would
never do it to a GTOCP outside in wildly swinging humidity and temps.

Now... this is a -40C certified switcher from TDK Lambda:

Conformally coated circuit boards, Nichicon capacitors, and I know...
it's 8x or 10x the cost at $148.
I'm always open to suggestions from knowledgeable people, and what you say makes some sense.

OTOH, Roland posted here that the Mean Well supplies work with A-P mounts, and I assume that means outdoors under varying conditions.

Mine is in the observatory still pumping 15 watts into a resistor box after 10 hours, and the temp is 33F and 74% RH. I'll be interested to measure the voltage tomorrow morning after 24 hours.

Lambda has a solid reputation, and the datasheet on that supply looks good. I might just spring for the additional cost to put my mind at ease.

Thanks for the link.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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