WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

Howard Hedlund

Hi GTO gang!  Some good detective work by some smart people at Lowell Observatory (Thanks Jim C.!) has led us to a probable solution to WiFi dropouts when using Sky Safari, Luminos etc.

It appears we have been looking at this the wrong way.  We were blaming weak or corrupted signal from our WiFi module, and couldn't reproduce the problem here.  Instead, it appears that our signal may actually be too strong and may be overwhelming the smart devices' WiFi hardware. 

For right now, if you are having WiFi dropout issues, please fold your antenna into its little cubby on the GTOCP4, and then try not to let your smart device get too close to the GTOCP4.  Try to keep the device a couple feet from the GTOCP4.
Please give us feedback on your results.  If this does indeed turn out to be the issue, then we may be able to fix it permanently and more elegantly.
Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give!


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