Re: Mean Well power supply question

Mike Dodd

On 11/8/2019 10:03 AM, Daniel Marcus wrote:
Hi Mike
missed part of this conversation, so I am assuming you have already done
this but -just curious - have you tried a different GFCI circuit ( one
that is using a different GFCI protector)
I did not try the power supply on the other GFCI circuit in the observatory.

or measured the leakage current to ground?
I checked AC voltage to ground through a 1 meg resistor, and there is no potential on either DC output terminal or on the power supply case.

GFCIs are notorious for going bad. Could be the GFCI
is in the process of failing and is too sensitive?
Possible, but very unlikely. Both observatory GFCIs are one year old. Further, both have never tripped in that year of operation. The pier GFCI tripped ONLY when the Alinco DM-330V power supply was plugged in. Never before and never since.

--- Mike

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