Re: Mean Well power supply question


110 Volt wire connections on power supply
Make sure you connect the protective ground (green wire) to chassis
If the screws will unscrew out completely I would use
Ring wire connectors on end of wires.
If the screws will not unscrew completely out I would use
Spade wire connectors on end of wires.
Or clip out part of the ring connector making it a spade connector.
Crimped or not I always solder the wires in connectors.
Crimping only is a second choice for me if a soldering iron is not available.
Do a google search for ring or spade wire connectors.
Lots of local stores carry them.
RTV cons
I have never used any kind of sealant on terminal strips.
You might be surprised how often the screws become loosened with constant movement of wires.
May hamper re-tightening screws.
RTV pros
Sealant my act as a lock tight and keep screws from loosening???
Our Earth would become a black hole if compressed down to a volume of about 1 cubic inch.

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