Re: Mean Well power supply question


You can use a DVM or digital volt meter to check any power supply as long as the power supply voltage does not exceed the meter rating.

Make sure the DVM leads are attached to the DVM properly, ie black goes to Common on the meter.

Use the DVM (turn the switch to DC volts mode) to measure the power supply outputs. If you put the red meter lead on the red power supply connection (+) and the black meter lead on the black power supply connection (-), it should indicate a positive reading. If you switch the leads at either the power supply or the meter, the reading will be the same except that it will have a minus sign ( - ) in front of it.


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Yes, the negative terminal is always the ground terminal which is also connected to the case.


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A week or two ago, Roland stated that the Mean Well works fine with A-P
mounts. I bought a 15V model, and have a question.

The AC line input ground terminal is connected to the metal case, as it
should be. The + and - DC output terminals are isolated from the case.

The power connector on my AP1200 connects the negative wire to the metal
mount case.

QUESTION: Does the Mean Well power supply work OK with the negative DC
terminal connected to ground (case) through the AP12o00 power cable?

I assume it does, but I'd just like confirmation before I connect it.



Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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