Re: Help with getting mount (AP 1100GTO) to flip in Voyager

Ray Gralak

Hi Tony,

By default the mount will flip if issued a goto command after it passes the meridian + meridian delay. However, you can force the flip by setting the Action to take on APCC's Meridian delay tab.

That said, you may not want to force a meridian flip because if you are imaging the camera may be taking a picture at that time. Usually the application software will issue a GOTO before the start of the next image when it detects the scope has passed the meridian.

-Ray Gralak
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While I have been using Voyager successfully for a bit now (thanks Bill :)) I still have not been successful in getting
the mount to flip automatically when reaching the meridian. Can anyone see what may need changing in the
settings I have to get the mount to flip successfully at the meridian?



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