Re: Polemaster adapter for AP-1600 w/o absolute encoders

Harley Davidson


The 1600 mount's cap for the polar scope has a much larger diameter than the AP-900 adapter for the polemaster so it won't work. It works fine for the 1100 as seen here:

For the 1600 this would work fine:

In fact you could just eliminate the "mending plate" and mount it directly on top of the polar cap for the 1600 after drilling and tapping for the 1/4"-20 hole.


On 10/30/2019 1:21 AM, Dale Hooper wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I tried a keyword search of polemaster and 1600 and I was surprised that I couldn't see a direct answer to this question - so I thought I would ask it.

I have an AP-1600 GTO without absolute encoders.  I'd like to know if I can use the AP-900 adapter for the Polemaster or if there is some other adapter I should be looking for?  There is *lots* of space around the polar sight hole - so it seems like this should work - if the threaded hole is the same size.

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