Intersection of Dec and RA on AP 1100GTO for Dome Geometry Configuration

Tony Benjamin <tonybenjamin@...>

I want to improve the accuracy of my dome opening with the telescope pointing. As part of that I want to be sure that I have the correct starting point. So, I'm using the ASCOM Device Hub (ADH) to control the dome/telescope and it's documentation says the following:

"If your dome or telescope are new then you must very carefully and accurately measure the distances from the intersection of the mount’s RA and Dec axes to the geometric center of the dome. In the following discussion consider point A as the being at the intersection of imaginary lines drawn through RA and Dec axes of the mount. If your mount has a hole through the internal portion of the counterweight bar to support a polar alignment scope, Point A would be in the exact center of that hole. The origin point is at the geometric center of the dome."

So, if I understand this correctly then the intersection of the Dec/RA axis is inside the mount where those 2 arrows intersect? Or am I wrong?

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