Re: A productive October


Thanks to Roland, every time I see M31, I zoom in to see the Bear Paw.
And there it is in your photo.
A little fuzzy but easily visible.
Andromeda M31 Bear Paw
Where is that 3 toed bear paw in Andromeda?
First I draw a straight line from M32 through the center of Andromeda into the correct search quadrant.
The line goes very close to the Bear Paw.
M31 can be flipped vertically and/or horizontally.
Zoom into that quadrant
Draw a line through the 4 stars in a row.
Moving through the 2 bright stars (I see them as goal post stars).

Turning in (left 45 degrees) at the next bright star

Continuing to the 3 dimmer stars in a row.
The 3-toed bear paw is the first of the 3 dimmer stars

Crop or zoom in and check photo resolution.

We are all children of Nebula and multiple Supernovas

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