Mach1 Thin Oil on Clutch Surfaces?

Tyrel Smith

Hello all. I was doing some cleaning and double checking my through-mount cabling for binding (I’ve been getting some erratic dec behavior during imaging). I pulled the dec clutch assembly and noticed there was what looked to be beads of moisture on the clutch mating surfaces. I went to wipe it off only to find it is some type of thin grease or oil. It appears to be coming from the little channels the clutch pads rest in, and seems to match whatever kind of lubricant is in the clutch knob threaded holes that keeps them buttery smooth. It looks like over time the lubricant has worked its way out of the threaded knob holes, down into the clutch pad channels, and on to the clutch plate (the tapered dovetail thing the pads press against) and clutch pad surfaces.

I’m under the impression the clutch pads and clutch plate (terminology?) should not have any grease/oil on their contact surfaces. Is this intended as some kind of anti-seize treatment or should I get out the degreaser? In the pics it’s already been sort of lazily wiped off the mating surfaces, but a thin film of it is still there.

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