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Joe Zeglinski

    No – there aren’t any “missing” items after the transfer, at least as far as I could tell from my brief search to confirm this and reassure myself.
    However, during that process, I was quite dismayed that the Search Box was erratic. It found some of my items, by my last name, others, required the full name. The Photos section found NONE by using any part of my name in the Search box, but did find a couple using the keyword LOSMANDY, which the two found photos had in their original title. There may have been a few lost articles, but I can’t be sure, since I don’t have a comprehensive  list of my posted items,
    This also happened in other groups at IO, where my Yahoo accounts had been transferred, so I don’t think the problem is specific to the recent AP transfers. Unfortunately, there may have been Yahoo database indices, that made it work before, and perhaps only a subset of them had been imported, in the interest of expediency.  The way that Search is performing right now – inconsistent, erratic -  it is really a waste of time  using it.
    I found the same problem on RCOSgroup.IO Searching with key  surname alone, (Zeglinski) found 7 of my submitted articles in FILES, but only 4 using my full name as a key (Joe Zeglinski). Then it found a different mix if I used key (Joseph Zeglinski). I can’t figure out exactly WHAT the key is being applied to. Just changing the first name  in front of the surname, (Joe, then Joseph, then blank) for the first name, comes up with erratic results. The only good thing is that any of the found items actually are mine.
    I only mention this since some here have thought the new system is vastly superior to Yahoo’s, and perhaps in some (other) ways it is. But the SEARCH function is crucial in any website, and the GROUPS.IO  can’t be relied upon. I look forward to its correction, or even an improvement over its present state. Somebody at Groups.IO tech support,  really should spend some time checking it out, beyond just simple short term functionality. I expected better, and would have settled for Search capabilities at least equal to the previous Yahoo search reliability.
    I think that the AP group webmaster might be able to improve the system, by activating all the column headings, assuming this is an option, or why would that column even have a black text, non-clickable  heading?  The “UPLOADED BY ” column is dead, can’t be used to sort by name, only by File Title and posted Size, Type, and Date.
    It may be that the column is “sortable”, but somebody here hasn’t check marked that option.
    Just had a further look comparing RCOS and AP groups FILES. I notice one bug may be that for instance, the AP-GTO group Files sorted by document NAME, has “blanks for all contributors” beside the TYPE = FOLDER, but does name them further down, currently starting at page 7, of ALL OTHER TYPES – PDF, Image, File, Sound – but NOT Folder types. I wonder if Groups software won’t sort a column if there are blanks in any entry, like ALL of the type = FOLDER ?
    Surprised to see such major bugs after two years in operation.
    Also, for some reason, Marj, Jeff Young, and Doug Ford are high-lighted in the “Uploaded By” column - but not Haward Hedlund, Ray Gralak, and surprisingly ...   “not even” uncarollo2 chris1011@....
    Don’t understand the significance of this preferential name selection in the Uploaded By column  – at the risk of even Rolando being slighted by his exclusion from such highlighting  :-)

From: Marj Christen
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Please don't send test messages



As I understand it, the same settings that you had for Yahoo should have been transferred over. However, I can’t guarantee this happened in all cases.


I recommend that everyone set their Subscription settings on the top of the sidebar.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Joe Mize
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Please don't send test messages


Sorry Marj, but I was not getting bounce backs of my posts to my personal eMail account.  Checked my SPAM and ISP's Spam folders  Nothing there.  Checked my AP-GTO's "Edit Subscrition" and found "Individual Messages" was not checkmarked.  My other accounts were checkmarked.  It's a learning process...joe  :)

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