Re: DSV and Windows 2000

Paul Wilson <plw@...>

Thanks for the info, Gus. I've thought long and hard about the dual
boot option too. The classic trick is to have separate O/S partitions
and a common partition for shared applications. It sounds like DSV
should be happy as long as it lives on the same partition as the
(boot) O/S.

The real drag (IMHO) about the dual boot is having to swallow the
least common denominator in filesystems, if you plan to share.


--- In ap-gto@..., "Paul Gustafson" <drgus@e...> wrote:
I talked with Charles about it and he said it should work fine
unless you
have more than one partition, in which case he needs to do a
workaround for
you if Win2K and DSV aren't going in the C:&#92; partition. I have a
system, so Win2K is on D:&#92; and DSV is going on E:&#92;. Haven't
installed it


Does anyone have any experience with DSV on Windows 2000
Professional? I've got some new PC hardware on the way and I'm
thinking of going that route with the O/S. The alternate plan is
stick with the tried and true: Windows NT Workstation 4.0. My
card will be a genuine Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!, so I
anticipate trouble there.

Any experiences, good or bad, I'd love to hear them...


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