Re: GTOCP3 Firmware

Roland Christen

I just talked with George. he did not tell you the problem is in the CP3. There is no ephemeris in the CP3. All calculations for the solar system objects are done in a planetarium program, which is either the keypad or one you use on your computer (SkyX or similar program). The accuracy is dependent on Time, Date, Location. If any of those are off, then the calculated moon position in the planetarium program is also off. Has nothing to do with the CP3. The CP3 does not accept the words GoTo the Moon. It accepts "GoTo RA/Dec" coordinates. Does this make it any clearer to you?

Roland Christen

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All the other Solar System GoTo’s work just fine, so it cannot be a date/time issue.  I talked with George at AP earlier this year and he talked with the programmer who acknowledges it is a problem.  He said it was in the CP3 firmware, not the hand controller.  It is not a problem with more modern systems with the CP4 controller, so I could fix it by purchasing the CP4 upgrade, but a firmware update would do the job.


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