Re: Please don't send test messages

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Marj,
    Since there may be less storage for any groups on IO servers, before paying annual subscription fees for PREMIUM accounts next year, I wonder if we should be posting our images attached to emails. Surely, the non-text portions will quickly overburden the AP account here, followed by substantial fee increases.
    Posting images to the PHOTOS or FILES would probably be less frequent, and be well planned beforehand, so as not to burden our IO account, while the urge to post nightly snapshots with many emails, is practically uncontrollable, right now.
    We take sending photos such as from smartphones, as common place these days and a desirable feature, but don’t consider what happens in the “message storage servers”. It is indeed nice to be greeted with such fine sky images, but I fear that if it is done too often, it could soon cause Group.IO  email archiving problems on our accounts.

From: Marj Christen
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 12:32 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Please don't send test messages
Please just post when you wish to initiate a discussion. Thank you.
Marj Christen

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