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W Hilmo

I don’t think you need an “alias”, to do what you needed


The email address that I have set up for receiving group mail  is not the same as the address that’s used when I reply to a message here.  For that reason, I do require an alias (which is offered specifically for that purpose).  I may be the only one here with an oddball configuration like that, but I mentioned it just in case it helps someone.


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Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 10:29 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Thank You! 1000% better than Yahoo




    Actually, the recent Group massive import, using their special transfer program, has resulted in a few changes.


    We no longer see the poster’s actual email address in brackets beside his name tag. That was nice to see if we wanted to reply off-list  personally to the poster.  This was also a new security feature that Yahoo joined a few years ago, to lessen the chance of reading Spam, and other kinds of subversive emails. Seems Groups.IO isn’t following that international internet agreement. Initially, we just see our posts identified by the default name of our previous Yahoo account name tag – rather than a personal name.


    That can easily be fixed by logging in, click on your account name in the header, choose ACCOUNT then IDENTITY to change your identifying tag. I chose to switch to my actual name rather than the former  moniker.


    Then you can also click on PREFERENCES, to change the email address you wish to use and password, if it isn’t the original moniker identifying you on the group, you once used in Yahoo group. So, I don’t think you need an “alias”, to do what you needed. but, that is just a part of the new learning curve, and getting used to our new house here. Should check every room in the new digs   :-)


    The transfer program has been well thought out,  pretty clean, relatively quick, and easy for the group owners. All in all, a pretty slick process, for everyone involved. However, I am not at all happy with the weakly implemented Files & Photos,  “Search Engine” – but that will surely improve, after the current Yahoo crisis.


Joe Z.


From: W Hilmo

Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 12:39 PM

Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Thank You! 1000% better than Yahoo


Well, that was easy.


I was already set up on, since Optec moved their forums there a few days ago.  I assumed that I’d need to go in and set it up to send me email, but it kept my preferences from Yahoo Groups.  I didn’t need to do anything, and I’m getting emails just as it’s been working all along.




Addendum:  Well, it wasn’t quite that easy.  The email address that I send from is different than the one that is registered with  Yahoo didn’t care about this, but was bouncing my replies here, until I added my outgoing address as an alias on my account.


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