Clarification for counterweights needed for Mach2

Terri Zittritsch


No snow here in Vermont, and hoping Mach2's will be shipping before snowfall.  I have been assembling my kit and how have my tripod and extensions, etc.. and bought a couple of weights, but still a bit fuzzy on how much weight I'm going to need.   In the past, with my atlas, I've just used the two weights they provide, and move them as far out as needed, but based on reading information on the A-P site, it seems I should put as much of my weight as possible close to the rotation axis which makes total sense and use one weight to fine tune the balance.    

In reading the documentation, in one place it says light scopes I may not need weight because of the weight of the counterweight bar.  Does this mean the head is balanced without the bar or how do I account for the weight of the bar (do I account for 100% in counterbalancing or 50% or something else)?

I've 3 primary setups for A-P, one with the TEC 140 which is ~35lbs with camera, guidescope, etc.   I have a 400mm f/5 that comes in at 20lbs all loaded, and then the Stowaway for which I haven't gotten all built out yet as my adapters don't arrive from precise parts until 11/1.  Right now the scope plus tcc plus guide scope and camera come to around 16 pounds.   

I've initially purchased an 18 and a 10 pound set of weights but expect based on how I should be balancing I should get maybe some added 5 pound weights?    Can you make a rough recommendation?

Not sure this will get thought if the site is in-between hosts, so if I don't see a response I'll put it on the new site once we're fully moved.



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