Re: AP Park Positions and SGP


See Park/Unpark Settings of A-P V2 ASCOM driver below. This is where to set to Park 5.


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I have been trying for some time now to get a park command from SGP to result in my Mach1GTO going to my default Park 5 position.  Currently, regardless of what I set in SGP or in APCC (V1.7.1.1), the mount always parks wherever it is currently pointing when SGP tells it to park after a sequence is completed.

I have UNPARK set to "Last Parked", and PARK set to "Park 5" in the Park to this Position box of APCC.

Is there something else I should be setting in APCC that would result in the mount going to the Park 5 position when receiving a PARK command from SGP?


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